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We are a team of enthusiasts and writers who have been in the crypto game since the beginning. We cover the topics the community loves!

We have a philosophy: If you see it on the mainstream outlets, it’s probably already too late!

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Topics We Cover

We have segmented BtcPro to cover specific topics within the niche relating to:

  • Meme Coins
  • Community Projects
  • Crypto Drama
  • Project Deep Dives
  • Interviews with Community Leaders

Our Philosophy

Crypto was spawned from the community, for the people, by the people. We believe this is the very foundation of the blockchain movement and we intend to keep our focus on the people who make this community so great!

We’re not here to cover world financial news or markets, we’re here to investigate the deepest corners of the crypto universe and uncover some of the best up and coming projects in the space!



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